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About us

Shine On Solar Flair is  locally owned and operated, with police checks clearance, as well as all relevant certificates, licences and fully insured.

Warranty conditions on your solar  panels require regular checks and maintenance of your solar panels.

Solar panels can loose between 15% – 40% efficiency if not cleaned.

We use a pure water system combined with a telescopic water- fed poles.

Shine on Solar Flair uses a pure water system combined with  telescopic water fed poles, meaning it’s a very safe, efficient, environmentally friendly way to keep your solar panels clean. The 100% pure water system means it’s pet safe, pool safe, child safe and tank safe.

Minimum water usages
is another  advantage of the water fed poles as they only use 1.5 litres of water per minute as compared to hand- held hoses (with regular mains pressure) which can use more than 12.5 litres per minute.


A part of our service is a free three monthly check of your panels to ensure they are clean and producing the optimum amount of electricity.

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